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    Trying to make a drop shadow made from lines

    GMU designer

      I am working on a certificate and I want to add a drop shad to my text but I want the drop shadow to be made up of lines.  Is this possible and if so what do you think the best way is to approach it? 


      Example of what I am trying to accomplish:


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          PrepressPro1 Adobe Community Professional

          If you take a hor. line in the lower left, option drag it to the upper right, make a blend between the two (I used about 200 lines for my example.  Put your text on top, copy and past the text to front(command+C then command+F) offset this pasted text to where you want your drop shadow. Now make an opasity mask with the offset text and the blended lines. Be sure to click the clip button. Now you have a shadow of lines, send it to back(command shift + } ) put a stroke of white on the top solid text. your done.

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            GMU designer Level 1

            Thanks, that worked great!! Now I just have to try and get the right look for the drop shadow.


            Thanks again!!!


            Is there a way to delete the hidden portion of the opacity mask?   I want to delete everything but the shadow clipping.

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              JETalmage Level 6

              1. SmartGuides on.


              2. Rectangle Tool: Click (don't drag). In the Rectangle Options dialog, enter .375 in. for height and width.
              Stroke: None. Fill: None. Leave the rectangle selected.


              3. Attributes Panel: Click the Show Center icon.

              Line Tool: Draw a diagonal line, snapping from the center of the square to the bottom right corner. Stroke weight: 3 pt. Stroke color: White, Fill: None. Leave the line selected.


              4. Copy. Paste In Front. Stroke weight: 1 pt. Stroke color: 50% gray.


              5. Select all three paths. Drag & drop into Brushes Palette. Brush Type: Scatter. Spacing: 10%. Rotation relative to page. Colorization: Tints & Shades.


              6. Set some type. Apply 6 pt. white stroke.
              Appearance Palette: Add New Stroke.
              Apply the Scatter Brush to the new stroke.
              Drag the Scatter Brush Stroke to below the white Stroke.
              Set Fill color as desired.
              Set stroke colors as desired.


              7. Drag & Drop the text object into the Graphic Styles Palette. Now you can apply the Graphic Style to any path or live text. Adjust weight and color of the Art Brush Stroke as desired.




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                I've tried JET's great solution, but I can't seem to resolve the problems indicated. Breaks appear where the brush joins at a corner. The screenshot includes appearance palette and Scatter brush options showing JET's steps. Have tried simple shapes and the breaks still occur at the corners, but JET's example appears smooth throughout. Advice?

                (Running CS3/Mac)



                type_line_shade problem.png