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    pdf viewing in reader sometimes transparent in the middle


      We have been experiencing a problem viewing pdfs. Upon using Adobe Reader 9.1.2, it every so often decides not to bring up the document in the main pane of Adobe Reader, but show transparent through to the desktop. So if you have Outllok open or an Autocad drawings it will show that other application in the middle of Adobe Readers menus and frame work of the application.


      This happens on 9 of 12 HP8730w laptops running WIndows XP with Nividia Quadro FX2700M graphics card. We had trouble with the video on the systems locking up until HP put out new bios, graphics card drivers and  told us about a Microsoft Article that stated that you needed to tell it in the boot.ini file a switch to see the 3GB of RAM  and load the video drivers (Article ID 319043)@ support.microsoft.com) (Article ID 316739 @ support.microsoft.com) I used the /3GB /userva=2900 in the boot.ini file. Things are working better since these changes were made. However we are still having difficulty viewing our pdfs.


      The problem is inconsistent. Our staff can have several applications open or just one. Sometimes it the first pdf opened, sometimes its not until the 3rd or 4th where it stops viewing. You can open pdfs from your local computer, from the server, through email or off the internet, but it will fail on any of these at any time.


      When a pdf fails you can choose the first page on the left hand side can sometimes solve the issue. Sometimes you have to close one of the other applications you had opened, open the pdf and it lets you reopen the application you closed and you can continue working. Sometimes you can open and closed Adobe Reader a couple times and it will come back.


      After awhile my staff usually can not get it to respond and they will shut the computer all the way off and bring it back up. I also know of others in other offices experiencing this problem, but they have desktop stations with 1 GB of Ram rather than the 3 GB we have.


      Has anyone else been experiencing this? Anyone have any suggestions?