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    How to: Search for a string in entire movie project?


      I used a copyrighted name a few different places as I was creating a very long and complex game.  I have since removed it from the game where it was previously showing up but when I search the exe, it's still there in a few places.  Is there a way to search the entire movie project and all content, all scripts for a particular string?    For instance "Microsoft".


      If so, I cannot find a way and could use some direction, even if it's an xtra I need to install that adds this capability.



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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

          Scripts are easy. You open any script window and hit Ctrl + F and enter your search term in the Find box, ensuring the "All Casts" radio button is checked.


          For text and field members you'll need to write a script that does the search for you. If you were clearer about what you want to happen when you find your search term in a text member then someon could help you with how to perform this. I know there is already code posted to the forum somewhere about how to examine every member of every castLib checking the member type - which would be a very good place to start.