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    Is there a way to automate coin photographs?


      I am cataloging my coin collection and I am trying to find a way to automate as much of the process as possible.  Doing each one manually is very time consuming.


      I need to process many images of the front (obverse) and back (reserver) for many coins.  For the obvervse Lincoln cents, I need to rotate the image based on the word LIBERTY being horizontal (for the obverse) or the horizontal base of the lincoln memorial (reverse).  Then I need to turn the background into a layer so I can layer mask the image to 19mm circle centered on the coin to get rid of the shadows or anglular distortortion.  Then I need to create another layer and dump a paint bucket of white to fill it, then place this layer behind the layer with the image of the coin and the mask.


      I would be willing to hire out for such a script as long as the price is reasonable.


      Thank you...