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    Adobe Reader won't print


      I have Adobe Reader 9.1.2 installed on a Dell computer using Windows XP Pro.  Recently Adobe Reader upgraded to the version I now have installed.  I've tried to print from the PDF document to my printor (HP Photosmart D5360) and get a message that it cannot print.  Prior to upgrading to Reader 9 I had no problems.  I thought I could uninstall and go back to Reader 8.  I tried to Uninstal though the Windows Control Panel and received the message "The patch package could not be opened.  Verify that the patch package exists and you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify this is a valid Windows Installer Patch."   I tried installing Reader 8 but it identified that I already had a valid Adobe Reader and closed down.  The original download came from the Adobe site and the upgrades come from Adobe. Talk about frustration...I can't print the document; I can't uninstall Reader 9.1.2; and I cant' contact Adobe.  Anyone with a solution other than throw the computer out a window?

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          I would suggest you re-install the printer driver or look for a newer one. That will usually work. If you want to remove the program from your system, you can use the Microsoft Installer Cleanup Tool.

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            Gemini146 Level 1

            Thanks for the suggestions but they didn't work.  I reinstalled the drivers for the HP Photosmart D5360 plus all the upgrades and didn't change the results.....tried to uninstall using Windows Cleanup tool but got the same message about the packet....tried downloading Reader 9 directly for Adobe and reinstalling but it won't install and I get the packet message again. So I still can't print.

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              I've ran into many, many, many circumstances like these and if the uninstall from add/remove does not work, what I would recommend is for you to delete the directory c:\program files\adobe and c:\program files\common files\adobe

              Then try the installation of what ever version you want. The install should proceed.

              If not (which had always been rare for me) then the next step I would advise (since windows installer clean utility didn't work)... is to go into the registry

              (regedit) and click on Edit, find

              type in: adobe reader

              or        adobe

              and search the entire registry and delete each entry that it finds associated with Adobe Reader only

              Of course, you need to know how to differentiate between what's for Adobe Reader and what's for Adobe Acrobat (granted that you do have Acrobat installed)


              Is there risk involved with this method? Yes... but if you know your computer and know your way around the registry, you should be fine.


              Also, make a backup of your registry as well as create a Restore Point before doing all this. Just to be on the safe side.


              Then proceed with re-installing Adobe Reader and you should be ok.

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                Gemini146 Level 1

                Thanks for the helpful infomation.  I deleted c:\program files\adobe as you suggested.  There was no c:\program files\common files\adobe file to delete.  I then tried to install Adobe 8 without success.  I prefer not to go into the registry.  I've downloaded and installed Foxit Reader.  It takes up less room and works fast and with no problems.  I've abandoned any further attempts to solve the Adobe problem.  Thanks to those who tried to help.

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                  Try clicking on start button then on computer. At the top you should see uninstall programs. Click on your adobe reader 9 program then click on unstall. That should do it for you. I must say though I`m trying to find a way to download adobe reader 9 and I`m not having any luck. Since they upgraded me to acrobat dc I cant print anything.