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    Premiere Pro CS4 can't find preview and peak files




      So I'm running Premiere Pro CS4, installed on my hard drive. I'm using Vista 64-bit. My project is on an external USB drive (I know, not ideal, but it gets the job done).


      Whenever I open my project, a 45-minute piece with a number of effects, I have to re-render the whole thing, and it starts generating peak files (down on the bottom right) for all my raw footage, which at 12 hours, is quite a hassle.


      The stupid thing is that I know where all the preview files (those are the rendered files, right?) and PEK files are. They're in perfectly normal folders, right where they should be, not named anything weird. But for some reason, Premiere thinks it needs to start all over every time I boot it up.


      What gives? Can I show Premiere where the files are?