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    Imported video is frame skipping (system/video info inside)


      I wanted to edit a video I got off of youtube, so I dl'd it, converted it, then imported it into Adobe Premiere CS3. I have tried 4 formats. AVI, MP4, MPEG, and WMV, all with the same problem. It looks like the video is flickering but the frame count is stopping and skipping as it goes up. I am just going to stick with my WMV conversion now so I want to optimize CS3 for that. The video plays perfectly fine in wmp, in fact, all of them did. The problem has to do with something in APCS3


      I used OJOsoft to convert the FLV to:

      frame size: 320x240

      Video compression: wmv2

      Bitrate: 911.73

      Frame rate: 29.97


      My project settings for this video are set as:

      Editing mode: desktop

      timebase: 29.97

      frame size: 320x240

      aspect ratio: 1.0



      CPU: AMD Athlon 64x2 3800+

      Ram: 1024mb

      Video: 8600GT 256mb 128bit

      OS: Winxp pro sp2


      hope I gave enough info...