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    Why is .air size inconsistent?

    Mau Fournier

      I started developing with AIR + JS a couple weeks ago, and I'm loving it.


      This app I've been developing works like a charm.


      But today as I was repackaging after an update, I noticed something. Every time I package it, I get one of a few different file sizes for my .air file.


      Mostly I get ~300kb, ~900kb, or ~2MB.


      Now, I would off course have thought that it was due to the included files, but here's the command:


      adt -package -storetype pkcs12 -keystore certName.pfx appName.air application.xml .


      Notice the dot (.) at the end. So it should be including all the files every time.


      It gets better. I can use that command and get a ~900 kb .air file, then delete that file, go back to the cmd window and press the up arrow and then press enter (effectively giving the EXACT same command), and get a ~2mb file. I do that again and get a different file size, maybe ~300kb.


      So why is the size inconsistent? And would all of them work the same? They seem to work fine but I haven't tested thoroughly.


      Off course I prefer the small size so I keep repackaging until I get it


      I need some enlightenment on this