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    Add dynamic images to scrollpane


      Hi there i want to develop an application as hexapartners.net/Application


      I have problem in using the uploaded images in my application.Please refer to following :-

      1. Go to hexapartners.net/Application
      2. Click on "Upload own graphics"
      3. A new window will open, upload ur image in that.
      4. Click on "Icon" on hexapartners page and select "Uploaded" category from combo box.
      5. You will see ur uploaded image in the scrollpane and when u click on that it will be loaded on the right side

      This is what i actually want to do.

      Any idea ??????

      Please somebody help me.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          i see an error message when i go to that site and no functionality.

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            patspats Level 1

            hi thanks for trying.


            Try in internet explorer or try after sometime, sometimes that site gives an

            error so please just try again.


            I m just explaining what i want and upto now what i  did :-


            Basically i want to add a dynamic image (uploaded by users) to scrollpane in

            order that when i click on an image, the image gets added to one movie clip.


            So, in order to achieve this i have done as follows (without actionscript)



            1) Convert image to button and add on(press) event in it.


            2) In on press event, i add loadMovie(url,mc) so it gets added to movieclip

            when u click on image.


            3) Then i converted this button into movieclip (as i wanted to add it to a




            Upto this there is no problem since i used local images but now i want to

            add dynamic images (added by users).....so i dont know how to achieve this.


            Please if u still dont get it ask me again.