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    Exported AVI keeps resizing during playback


      Hi, I have video sequence on the timeline containing transitions and titles. When I export via Matrox avi preset and play the file with windows media player, the picture area will keep resizing itself vertically or horizontally, but only whenever a transition or a title is present.
      There is no problem with jump cuts - only where a transition or title has been used.

      The problem does not occur if I export using Microsoft avi preset and WME

      I have double checked all project and sequence settings and all is fine.
      If I recode the file thru a 3rd party encoder to a WMV file - it plays perfectly.

      System: Prem pro CS4 4.1 /matrox rtx2 4.1/ win vista/ 2 x quad core xeon / 8gb ram /

      Project: Matrox / PAL widescreen SD /


      All help gratefully appreciated.