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    EPS file closes unexpectedly. The reopened image is flattened


      Windows XP SP3 2GB and Illustrator CS 13.0.2


      While working on a number of Illustrator images (x3),  a new one was created by copying an EPS vector image from MSWord as a background template. A further 10 layers were added  whilst working on the new image file. There was a prompt that the document had been modified and may not be editable in other versions. "Show this message again" was cleared (as he usually does on a MAC). Later while flicking between the open image files, when he attempted to return to the new image file it appeared to have closed. Illustrator had not crashed, it was possible to continue working on the other files and there is nothing in the event logs On re-opening the file it had been flattened (converted).


      Others have experienced similar when using Illustrator, where files appear to close themselves.


      Any ideas ?