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    Premiere Elements 7 Entry point error


      Hello Team,


      In trying to start (Adobe Premier Elements 7) I keep getting the following error message;


      "The Procedure Entry Point FileInfoinitializerFileinfoLibrary with BIB could not be located in dynamic Link Library"


      Can anyone help? I recently had this program on my C Drive and recently unistalled it and move to my external drive for

      space purposes. Once I moved it to my External drive, it began to give this message.


      PLease help!!!

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          One - the "team" here is not Adobe support, only other users like you


          Two - if the program won't work on an external drive... move it back to where it WILL work

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I agree with John on this. You can use your external for your media, and/or your Projects and Scratch Disks, but you want the program on your C:\.


            Note: if you do use your external for your media files, and/or your Project files, you WILL want to set the drive letter to a constant in the OS of your computer, and to the same drive letter in any computer, where you might wish to "transport" your external to.


            Otherwise, when you plug in the external, you might get a different drive letter and then have to manually locate your assets for PE. That is a lot of unnecessary work. I transport my Projects between the laptop and the workstation, and each one has a permanent drive letter assignment, that matches in the OS of each computer.


            Good luck,