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    Need volume and pan control for audio - totally lost!




      I am totally lost with trying to incorporate volume and pan controls in my flash movie. I want the movie to display a music score with a timeline which I've achieved through some basic animation. However, I would like to have volume and pan controls in there as well.


      I don't want a start and stop over the audio -  I just want the SWF to start playing straight away and 2 sliders to interact with the audio.


      Can someone please help me out. I've attached the movie to let you see what I've done so far. I've been trying to follow a number of online tutorials but have been very frustrated at not being able to understand the linkage concept after several attempts. I've setup 2 sliders in my fla file - basically when the movie starts I want those sliders (volume and pan), to control the audio.


      By the way - I'm using flash mx 2004.


      Any help is much appreciated.