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    Identifying color usage


      Hi! I'm sure there's a way to do this, but I can't seem to figure it out. I'm converting a bunch of logos (with lots of little tiny pieces) from color to black and white. Is there a way to show what colors are currently being used in the document? I figured out how to show the used colors in the swatches, but then I couldn't find WHERE the color was being used. Any ideas? Thanks so much.



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          Mario Arizmendi Level 4

          yes there are vaious ways Assuming you are on a Mac and AI CS3


          1. Select just one of that pieces and go to Select/Same fill color


          2. Ater doing "add used colors" from the swatcheds panel, with nothing selected , select any on the swatcheds panel  and perform the same operation as in point 1. see picture

          Picture 3.png


          3. Select all your atwork, go to edit/recolor artwork, do you see taht tiny zoom icon? Select any color and then click on it



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            Kenford Level 1

            I am using CS4 on a Mac (sorry... I should have mentioned that in my original post), but all 3 of your answers worked just fine! Thank you so much!