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    Want to design a generic custom Message

    Zolotoj Level 3

      I want to have a generic mechanism of showing custom messages. I have a common library where I want to keep most of code needed for that.


      Common library:

      public function customUserMessage(message:String, parent:Sprite):void
      var message1:String = "";
      if (message.indexOf("%") != -1)
      message1 = message.substring(0, message.indexOf("%")) + String.fromCharCode(13);
      message = message1 + " " + 
      message.substring(message.indexOf("%") + 1, message.length);
      var alert:Alert = Alert.show(message, "Warning!", Alert.OK|Alert.CANCEL, parent, alertClickHandler, null);        
      // Event handler function for displaying the selected Alert button.
      public function alertClickHandler(event:CloseEvent):Object 
      return event.detail;


      customUserMessage(userMessage, this);

      At this point I would want to catch user's respond. How would I change my code?


      Thanks a bunch