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    Drop down text and Show All issues


      I have a strange issue that I can't quite figure out. I am using the Show All/Hide All option in my RH 5 project and have not had any problems until recently. When I click the preview button my drop downs won't work and I'm getting s java script error on only some pages. It doesn't happen on all the pages and I've looked at the script in the header and can't see any problems. The only change I've made recently is deleting the .CHM file because the project was starting to get too slow when I would open and close it and I also tried using the update DHML Effects in Topics... from the Tools menu, based on another problem I was having, and saw this solution in another post. I'm wondering if selecting this option has caused my problems? The java error i get is this:


      Line: 1


      Error: Object expected

      Code: 0

      URL: blah, blah, blah....


      any ideas?