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    Windows 7 & Flash Projector? Compatibility Mode?

    dougdrury Level 1

      I created an autorun CD based flash .exe (Flash Projector) file that has a button that loads another exe file (inside the fscommand folder). This works just ducky on Windows XP and Vista. When testing on Windows 7, I have to run it in compatiblity mode to get it to work. If I don't the button pushes, the CD spins, but no .exe runs. I can open the CD, explor and click on the .exe and it runs fine. The projector version is 10.0 r2.


      My client is really wanting to support Windows 7. This file will be burned to many CDs that will be used over the next year.


      1. Does Adobe officially support Windows 7 yet?
      2. I have Flash CS4 on a Mac. Can I upgrade the version of Flash Player that gets embedded into the projector file so it will work on XP, Vista and Windows 7?
      3. Is there a better way to run an executable that crosses all 3 operating systems?


      Thank you for any info!