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    Pulling WMI CIM data in Flex


      I am trying to pull WMI information in flex WebPage, but at the moment this seems to be tricky.

      WMI scripts are written in VBScript or JScript to call GetObject () method which gets information about namespaces etc, however GetObejct () is not supported in Internet Explorer. It only works if IE security is set to lowest. This mean I cant inject VBScript in Actionascript.

      So, here I am wondering if there is any other way to interact with WMI from Flex and get that information in WebPage. I was trying to figure out how to execute a *.vbs (or .bat) file from Flex, if its possible I could write JScript to dump data in a file which could easily be picked up in flex. Have tried flash.system.fscommand() but that does not seem to be working in Flex 3.0. Any pointers on how to run a .vbs file from Flex or pulling up WMI information would be appreciated ?