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    Couldn't open Quicktime video output component.

    Benjamin Town

      I was able to find 2 other posts in regards to the error. The one didn't have enough information to be answered and the other had a link to an apple page that no longer exists. Sorry for the repeat but I can't seem to find an answer that applies to me.


      The "After Effects warning: Couldn't open Quicktime video output component." message appears when I open AFX and is waiting for me when I come back to it from another program. In AFX's Preferences window under Video Preview I have set my Output Device to Digital Cinema Desktop. No options ever show up in the Output Model drop down. As you can probably guess I am trying to get my second display to preview the composition full screen.


      For other reasons, I just had to reinstall OSX (10.5.7). Then I installed Adobe Production Premium CS3 and the Final Cut Suite HD.


      My computer is a 4 core Mac Pro with 7GB of memory. I don't have any Matrox hardware. Actually I don't have anything except the 2 DVI monitors, battery backup, analog speakers, mouse and keyboard plugged into the computer.


      I have held down apple + option + shift while starting up AFX to reset the Preferences as well as replaced the DesktopVideoOut.component file with one from another working computer in the /Library/Quicktime folder finally I have tried Repairing Disk Permissions.


      Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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          Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

          Benjamin: The Digital Cinema Desktop is a Final Cut feature, even if implemented as a Quicktime Video out component. As you can see (by the lack of options) is not really meant to be invoked from other applications which use standard Quicktime video out for external previews. That requires a device with a proper QT video out driver. You could use an inexpensive device, like a Blackmagic Intensity with an HDMI to DVI cable, to feed the second display.

          Or you could just ask AE to play RAM previews at full screen, in which case you don't need to enable video previews at all. Together with the ability to take into account a calibrated display's profile, this should make for very high quality previewing on computer monitors.

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            Benjamin Town Level 1

            If I am following you correctly (which i might not be) you are saying that the reason this is working on other systems in the company and worked on this system before the reinstall is just a lucky break? And AE is not meant to have the Digital Cinema Desktop preview at all?


            thanks again for the help and insight.

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              Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

              I am only saying that Digital Cinema Desktop is a Final Cut Studio feature, designed to work with Final Cut Studio applications. In fact, if you don't have FCS installed, the option won't be listed as one of the QT video out options.

              I didn't say that it was a lucky shot. Just that it wasn't designed by Apple to work with non-FCS applications. It appears listed because it uses the same framework used by video out hardware. "Your mileage may vary", in other words. I undertand it's also limited to some display resolutions.