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    Numbered list font display problem in preview

    Margaret Becker Level 1

      Why does the HTML code look different when I open it in RH than it does when I open it with a text editor? For example, in my documents opened with RoboHTML R8, I get this:


         <li class="p-Procedure-Step"><p class="Procedure-Step">Select planar curves.</p></li>
         <li class="p-Procedure-Step"><p class="Procedure-Step">Select the surface.</p></li>


      But when I open the same file in a text editor, I get this:


        <li class=Procedure-Step><p class=Procedure-Step>Select planar curves.</p></li>
        <li class=Procedure-Step><p class=Procedure-Step>Select the surface.</p></li>



      Notice that in the RH HTML view, an extra p- appears in the li class= statement. It does not appear in the text editor. In addition, the style name is surrounded by quotes in RoboHTML, but is not in the text editor.


      Normally, I would not notice this, but I have a problem with the display of the list numbering in the Preview window in RH. While the text format is Verdana x-small, the number itself is Times New Roman 12pt. I found that deleting the p- in the style name fixes the problem, but the only way to get rid of it is to delete it in RH. I would like to be able to fix this all in one go with a batch script using a text editor, but since the text does not exist, it can't be done.


      Any ideas?