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    Problems w/mp4 & PE4/PE7


      We picked up a new Samsung SMX-F34SN flash mem camcorder and now have trouble getting things going with the new video format.  We've had great luck with PE4 using our old trusty Sony DV cam but now things aren't going so well.


      Importing a test clip in PE4 gives us long processing times, stuttery performance, and many 'green frames' flashing throughout.  Something is really wrong here; we were told 4 isn't so good with maybe this flavor of MP4, so try PE7.


      I installed the trial PE7 but still have unusable performance.  I did change the 'settings' from DV to Flash Memory Camcorder first.  A review of the camera said that "Samsung used 'standard MP4 encoding' and the video was compatible with most video editors in common usage.  They mentioned Sony Vegas as working fine with the test unit.


      We have tried our tests on two different machines, both equipped with XP Pro, P4s at 3ghz, 2gb memory, reasonably fast drives with lots of free space, etc.  so I don't think our hardware is insufficient for the task.


      I'm going to see if I can try Vegas somehow, but in the meantime, I wonder if some kind soul here could possibly take the time to download my test clip and just see if they can get it to function correctly using some flavor of PE?  If you could either confirm that PE is actually unable to read/use these files, then that wll help us decide if we return the camera and go for something else, or what our next step might be.  This is for our son who is pretty good with this stuff and now finding he's really into video and editing, but is really frustrated now with all the time spent on this so far.


      Thanks much.  Video is at http://www.pdxconnect.com/tmp/samsung_testvid.mp4 .

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Compressed files don't edit well (or, sometimes, at all)


          What happens if you convert to DV AVI type 2?



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            As John says, you'll definitely need to convert that video to a DV-AVI, per the FAQs to the right of this forum. Prizm is an excellent, free video converter.




            MP4 video from flash-based camcorders often use codecs that are incompatible with many video editing programs.

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              Pizzafoundry Level 1

              Thanks for the convert suggestion... sorry I'm running this whole thing up again, as you probably recall this coming up last week or so...

              Reason is, after doing more research, I get the distinct impression from reviews and comments that have been published that one ought to be able to edit these videos in "the commonly available editors", as it was stated in one review.


              That reviewer mentioned Sony Vegas Movie Studio as being one that "just worked with the Samsung out of the box".  I downloaded and tried the Vegas product today, and sure enough, without any problem, it very nicely allows one to smoothly work with the Samsung's MP4.  Going back to PE7, not the case.  I know in the past, earlier versions of Vegas were not at all well rated, but in checking out V9 today, I was fairly impressed at how it looks to be as flexible and capable as PE has been.


              So, since we have REALLY enjoyed the PE experience, I was hoping we could find a solution, rather than having to spend lengthy amounts of conversion time for each clip... that just doesn't cut it.


              I guess if there's no solution other than pre-conversion, we'll have to go to the Sony software platform, as it appears to function correctly, at least in this case.


              Thanks to all for your help and interest.