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    interactive movies within interactive movies

    nusphere01 Level 1

      I have been creating a gallery for a client that changes preview images in response to thumbnail images being clicked, I have the basics working but now my client wants further interaction in some of the previews that include using buttons on the preview images that either open a web page in a new window or switch between more preview images. The problem is the new buttons that appear are embedded on the initial preview images (which are set as movies), and for some reason the interaction that has been added to these movies is stopped when run in another movie. Sorry if that sounds complicated!


      You can see how far I have got by visiting the test site here: http://www.nusphere.co.uk/glendalecentre/glendalecentre.html


      If you look at the gallery here and click on the item titled VIACOM, a window will open On the bottom left hand side of the window you will see 4 thumbnail boxes that switch between the preview images on the right. The second preview image has the numbers 1 to 4 on the bottom of it. These numbers are buttons and are set to switch to more preview images, but sadly it's not working.


      If you are interested in seeing what’s going on more clearly I have uploaded an FLA of that section:

      http://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?action=batch_download&batch_id=Y1RvTkZxZy9kMnNLSkE9P Q


      Thanks in advance for any help that you may be able to offer 

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Your problem primarily stems from using alpha to hide the sections and partly from not incorporating mouseEnabled commands to keep the alpha-hidden things from blocking access to the buttons inside.  Items made invisible via setting their alpa property to zero will still interact with a mouse, but items that have their visible property set to false will not.


          In this specific case, the Comedy Central movie is blocking access to the buttons in the second one.   If you had turned the Comedy Central movie invisible (visible = false) after it was alpha-ed to zero, then it would no longer be blocking.  You can confirm that's the case by switching the layers of those two movies.


          So you can either manage the visible property true/false as needed for each movie so that only the currently visible one interacts with the mouse, or you can manage things by setting the mouseEnabled property true/false as needed.

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            nusphere01 Level 1

            Thanks Ned, I'll have a play around with these options that you have suggested You answers are always insightfull!

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              nusphere01 Level 1

              hello again, yeah you are correct I added the visible = false property and that seems to have enabled the interaction which is great, however it kills part of the disolve, is there a way of delaying this function to allow the alpha fade to work?


              Also I'm not sure how to incorperate the mouseEnabled property in order to test it is it possible to give more info on this or perhaps point me to a tutorial or description elsewhere?


              Thanks for your time and patience Ned

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                nusphere01 Level 1

                Hey Ned thanks I've managed to sort everthing out now utilising the mouseEnabled property. It's much more straight forward that I had first presumed, being initiated in just the same way as the other properties!