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    Still images on DVD cropped on left and right side


      I created a video that was shot at 1920 x 1024 (AVCHD) and added a slideshow comprised of still images with a resolution of 1920x1080 square pixels (Photoshop Video/Film preset), then exported it to DVD using the NTSC widescreen format.  (Eventually I would like to burn to Blue-ray, yet I don’t have a burner at the moment). During playback on a regular 4:3 aspect TV (yes, I know this is not widescreen) I’ve noticed a few of the images are cut-off or missing the outer 25% of the left and right sides of the image, the the video look good 90% with no obvious image "cropping". I’m guessing if I watched this on an actual widescreen TV that I would see the entire image, yet I have no idea. I was actually expecting to see the “letterbox” (black bars at the top/bottom of the screen) upon playback on a 4:3 TV, yet the video appears undistorted using the entire 4:3 screen.  Thoughts? Thank you, Brandon