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    Problems with Reader 9.1


      I had upgraded to Reader 9.1 from Reader 8.1, now I can not open any PDF files. I get this message"This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the Set Associations Control Panel.


      So where is this Set Association Control Panel?


      This mesage pops up on all my programs - firefox, and most program icons on my desktop.


      Why can't I go back to Reader 8.1?

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          joedris Level 1

          Let me add a little more information. I am operating a Vista system. Now I find that most programs, I can't open up. I removed Adobe Reader 9.1 and uploaded 8.1.3 and essentially have the same problem. I went to open my Pictures in Picasa and I get " Adobe Reader could not open Picasa 3,exe. because it is either not a supported file type, etc"

          Now I can't open Microsoft WORD or EXCEL.


          What goes ON??


          You guys on this forum are a lot smarter then I, so PLEASE tell me what to do next.

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            pwillener Level 8

            joedris wrote:


            I removed Adobe Reader 9.1 and uploaded 8.1.3 and essentially have the same problem.


            How did you remove 9.1 - by using Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel?


            If you uninstall 8.1.3, does the problem go away?

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              joedris Level 1

              Yes, I used the Add / Remove program in the control panel. Yes the problem

              went away when I removed Adobe Reader 9.1 or 8.3 from the computer. But now

              I can't open PDF files. My computer savvy neighbor says he can fix the

              problem by loading an Adobe Acrobat program into my computer. We will see.

              May be there was a virus in the download. Somehow my Reader 7.1 went away

              and 9.1 showed up and then my problems began. I could never figure out where

              the "Set Associations Control Panel" is. Maybe the whole problem was just a

              simple reset of a command someplace. What a mess. After reading the forum

              issues, I don't want any part of Reader 9.1.

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                pwillener Level 8

                We had a somewhat similar case here last week, also on Vista.  Since I do not have Vista (and I do not know anybody with Vista), I couldn't help to find how to set the file associations.


                Are you saying that Reader 7.1 automatically upgraded to 9.1?  I cannot imagine how this could happen...


                Do you think that going back to Reader 7.x would solve your problem?  You can download Reader 7.1 here ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/reader/win/7x/7.1.0/enu/AdbeRdr710_en_US.exe, and updates

                7.1.1 ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/reader/win/7x/7.1.1/misc/AdbeRdrUpd711_all_incr.msp

                7.1.2 ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/reader/win/7x/7.1.2/misc/AdbeRdrUpd712_all_incr.msp

                7.1.3 ftp://ftp.adobe.com/pub/adobe/reader/win/7x/7.1.3/misc/AdbeRdrUpd713_all_incr.msp



                P.S. I was unable to resolve last week's similar case; I ended up recommending an alternative PDF viewer.

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                  joedris Level 1

                  I originally had Reader 7.1 and had no problems in viewing PDF files. I got

                  a new program that generated files in the PDF format, but I couldn't save

                  them because I didn't have Acrobat. So I was told to download Acrobat 9.0

                  for a free trial. I did, got my files (wills) done, so then I un-installed

                  Acrobat and then all my problems started. Somehow, I now had Reader 9.1.

                  After uploading/downloading, etc, you begin to lose track of what you have

                  done and in what sequence. I am not looking to try and repeat the sequence,

                  so I'll stick with Reader 7.1.  Would still like to understand the File

                  Association business. Also kept getting these "Beyond Adobe Reader" popups,

                  which were a pain. I am not too savvy in this business as you can tell.

                  Thanks for the link to Reader 7.1, as I couldn't find it at the Adobe


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                    pwillener Level 8

                    Let us know if going back to Adobe Reader 7.1 fixed your problem, or if you need further help.

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                      joedris Level 1

                      Reader 7.1 works for me. Will not try and duplicate the problem. Thanks for

                      your help.

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                        It sounded like that all that happened was the associations to the programs on your computer got screwy.

                        To re-associate programs in Vista, you go into the control panel, Default programs, associate a file type or protocol with a program ( this is "set Associations").


                        Then scroll down to ".PDF". (Click on "P" to get there faster)


                        Search for PDF's and look to see which programs PDF are associated to.

                        If it's not showing a program, then click on the "change program" button above and if VIsta doesn't give you an option to select Adobe Reader and/or Adobe Acrobat, then browse to the installation folder for Adobe Reader which should be by default c:\program files\adobe\reader\


                        Then search for the executable file: AcroRd32.exe


                        Select the file


                        Click on the "open" button


                        Click on the "ok" button


                        then you should be good to go.


                        If this is also happening to word and excel.. do the same steps for those programs as well.

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                          joedris Level 1

                          Thanks. That's the information I was looking for. I got a little smarter

                          this week with this problem.

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                            BGCJR Level 1

                            Let me know how that works out for you.


                            Also I don't know if I needed to clarify, but of course when searching in the registry and when an entry has been found, to continue on searching the remainder of the registry just press the F3 key.