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    Closing an application by clicking a button WITHIN the application

    jimmyoneshot Level 1

      I have created an AIR application that is set to run full screen i.e. the air outline with the close and window resize buttons will not be present. What I was wondering is, is it possible to apply code to a button WITHIN a created AIR application that would function in exactly the same way as the AIR close button which would close not only the application but also AIR aswell?


      Also is there any possible way to make an AIR application start up as soon as a computer starts? The reason I'm asking this is the app I'm developing is to be installed on a digital tv that can also switch to a linux operating system at the touch of a button which is when the interface I'm creating should be displayed so it would look more professional if it was in fullscreen with no AIR logo etc. I might be getting ahead of myself as these things may not be possible within AIR/Flex but I'm just brainstorming ideas.


      The obvious problems with this are that full screen disallows user text entry and the esc key always brings the user out of fullscreen anyway and can't be disabled it seems