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    To render or not to render?

    Joe Riggs Level 1



      For some reason, maybe force of habit from the Ppro 6.5 days, I always figured I needed to render my project before export (i.e. if there was a red bar above the footage, I'd render before exporting). However, recently the media encoder/Premiere CS4 were taking forever to render and export a 3 minute 720p clip to H264.


      I did a little experiment, and exported the same clip unrendered, and then rendered, and not only was the unrendered faster, there was no difference in quality, even though the clip consisted of a multi camera sequence, and moving graphics…anyone know what’s the deal?

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          Media Encoder does not use any rendering from the timeline, it just renders from the used source video in the sequence to requested destination video.

          Rendering of a sequence creates preview files in the format of the sequence preset settings when you created the timeline  so can be different from rendering with Media Encoder.

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            As a general rule, render only when you actually have to.  Like if you need perfectly smooth playback in order to work, such as guaging a complex series of edits, or an effect.

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              Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Media Encoder does use the render files if you tell it to.  It does take much less time to encode if you have rendered the files for viewing purposes.  If you do not have to render for timeline previewing purposes then don't bother.  On the setting window on the right hand side midway down there is a tiny menu icon where you can set "Use Preview Files"  In 4.1 it now stays set once you check it in the prior versions it was not "sticky"

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