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    Help with Advanced Video task.

      Hi there. I am attempting to create an application that will show a 3 dimensional Ballerina spinning at varying speeds as she moves her arms. I have created a single video clip, of 13 animations that I now wish to move between my means of a simple interface (such as a slider bar, or bookmarks).

      However, i am having trouble finding a way to navigate smoothly to cue points... Ideally, I would like to be able to create some code that calculates the % progress between cuepoints, so that the display can show my Ballerina, facing the same direction, but now in a slightly different pose but rotating at the new speed (already defined in the flv file).

      I'm a first time user, so any helpful tutorials would be greatly appreciated, but equally don't shy away from complex code or terminology... Basically, any help would be appreciated!