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    Encoder produces soft focus video

    chuck122441 Level 1

      CS4 on a Vista PC.  I have AME 4.0 and repeated attempts to update to 4.1 does not work.  It goes through all the steps of update, but then doesn't do it.  I have   Anyway, I have no idea that's the root of my problem.  I'm bringing in files through the Matrox SD preset through I'm shooting on a Panasonic tapeless format that produces .mts files.  I hope you can see from the attached frame grabs of the same frame that I'm starting with a focused image.  The vide is being encoded in Microsoft .avi in SD NTSC.  Has anyone had to deal with this?  Does anyone have any suggestions?  I can't give video like this to my clients.  Thank you for any assistance.