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    .MOV files skip in Premiere


      First off, I'm using Adobe Premiere 1.5 for PC. I have actually tried this on three different computers running the same version of Premiere, and the same problem occurs, so I don't think it's the computers.


      When I import a .mov file into Premeire, it tends to devlop "skips" about once every three minutes. Sometimes the video devlops the skip, and sometimes it only happens with the audio. The skip is in the exact same spot if I go back and play the video a second time. The skips appear if the video is played in either the timeline or directly from the Project tab. Strangely, if I open up Windows Media Player and play the file that way, the skips do not appear.


      I should note that these videos were originally captured onto a Mac via Final Cut Express (which is really the only option I have for doing this). I produced about five episodes of the show that I am currently working for this way before the problem abruptly appeared. The videos also play fine in Final Cut.


      Before anyone asks, yes I did look at the Troubleshooting guide and did not find anything.