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    How Import from MSWord?

    Muhammad Umar Hayat

      Hi, I am Umar


      Dear, i want to import questions from MsWord. I have 10000 Questions in the MsWord document. So, i have a problem that what is any way to import the text from MsWord into Adobe Captivate 4. And also i want Mathematical equations show in the Adobe Captivate. It is added here that it is possible that how i show the timer on the question slids. Reply as soon as possible.




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          RoboWizard Level 4

          Hi there


          There is no way to directly import from Word to Captivate. The only way I can think of is to open Word, Open Captivate, then copy from Word and paste to Captivate.


          If you have 10,000 questions in Word, note that Captivate has certain limitations. You didn't say whether all 10,000 questions were in a single Word document or if they were in several. If you have them all in a single Word document, you will need many different Captivate projects to hold them all. Assuming you were placing only questions in Captivate, you would need perhaps 200 Captivate projects. Each project having 50 slides.


          There is no timer to use on Captivate slides. Certainly you may define a time for the question, but it's hidden from user view. All it does is cause a message to appear once the time has elapsed.


          Not sure what to advise on the mathematical equations. Perhaps another person has an answer on that.


          Cheers... Rick



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