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    Drag & drop limit


      Hy all,

      i have a problem. i made a flash, drag & drop type for students. now, i don't know how to limit the possible answers. for example (to clarify myself) there are 8 equotations inside of flash and they must pick 2 of them (that means that 2 is a limit) which can be right or wrong. i'm attaching my swf file to show you, what i've done 'till now.

      my second problem is (the same flash) that when they answer right, the field turns green. if they are wrong when dragging, field must show red. how can i do that? i'm new in flash and also in actionscript and i dont know how to solve this.

      thanks for your help!


      p.s. you can take a look on the fla file on my webpage: http://www.christinchy.com/content/drag-drop

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          1.  each time a quotation is dropped increment a counter.  when the counter is two, they've reached their limit - do whatever.


          2.  you can use actionscript to control the color any dynamic textfield's text and background.  which are you trying to affect?

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