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    version of access behind robohelp

      I know this topic has been discussed to death but my Manager wants to know what version of Access is behind RoboHelp 7. We are running our application and project from a VM (which I know you are not supposed to do) and sometimes when we open the project, some files are missing and we have to import them back into the project again. This has been a real problem and my manager wants to know why the files continue to be missing and why we have to continue importing them back into the project. From what I read it sounds like an Access problem across the network. I need some justification (I already read the topic "Installing RH on a Network Drive") for getting the project off the network. Anyone have any new insight into this problem?


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          MergeThis Level 4
          I'm not sure how you'll accomplish this, but you must again attempt to convince your Manager that if you continue to work against recommended best practice, you will continue to experience problems. In addition, successive RH sessions can produce entirely different problems from previous sessions. And quite honestly, I doubt that different Access versions will have any effect on this perennial bugaboo.

          Good luck,
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            Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
            It is an Access 97 database but Leon is right. If you ignore the recommendations, it's going to break. Do you keep banging your head against a wall or do you eventually figure it hurts? :-)

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              wesacalypso Level 1
              K, I'm going to play "dumb" here. Since I'm new to RoboHelp what are the best practices?

              Thanks Leon and Peter. This has been very helpful. You guys are great.

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                HKabaker Level 2

                You said,

                "We are running our application and project from a VM . . ."

                If you are referring to the RH application, that's not good. But if you're referring to the application for which you are writing help files, you can run that application anywhere you want, because RH is totally unconnected with it.

                Once you generate the help output files, those are the ones that should be on the same server, if your manager wants it that way.

                The "best practices" are those you have already read, recommending that RH and its source projects be kept on a local hard drive, and not shared across a network.

                As an exception, also covered on Peter's site, you can keep the project files in a version management system on a network drive, but you must check everything out to the local drive for editing, and check them back in for version control.