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    FileSystemTree and "ordinary" Tree - make them look the same?




      I wondered if anyone's worked with Adobe AIR's FileSystemTree and the "ordinary" Tree in Adobe Flex, making them look the same? If so, can you give me some hints on how to make them look the same when it comes to icons, disclosure icons, branches, leafs etc.?


      The reason I'm asking is this:

      Some time ago I decided it'd be nice to build a sort of FTP Client with Adobe AIR. The client would, among other things, have a tree for local folders and a tree for remote folders. It seemed ideal to use the FileSystemTree for the tree containing local folders. The tree with remote folders is built using the "ordinary" Tree with data supplied via a Microsoft .NET Web Service. However, once I started down this road I soon realized the two controls don't look and behave the same (even though FileSystemTree apparently derives from Tree).


      Some examples:

      - Tree seems to use easing when opening a folder. FileSystemTree just "opens it".

      - FileSystemTree displays a disclosure arrow icon regardless of whether or not a directory has children. Haven't got the Tree to display the same icon when a remote directory is empty.


      Any help would be appreciated! I'd also like to point out that I'm quite new to both AIR and Flex so maybe the problems I see are actually easy to solve.