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    "RoboHelp for Word" vs "RoboHelp HTML"

      Hi all,

      I note there are two flavors for RoboHelp (wrt also working with Word + importing + exporting):

      - RoboHelp for Word

      - RoboHelp HTML


      1. Am I right that it seems you can do everything with RoboHelp HTML that you can do with RoboHelp for Word?

      2. If not (1, above), what are the relative advantages and disadvantages of each for starting a new RoboHelp project?

      3. Is there a reason for ever trying to change application for an existing RoboHelp project, and would there be expected any particular conversion problems?


      - avi
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Welcome to our community, Avi

          I see you posted the question here as well as the TechShoret list. I further see you have at least one reply over on TechShoret.

          Here are my thoughts. Yes, you can do most of what RoboHelp for Word can do using RoboHelp HTML. I say "Most" here because there are a couple of things you can't do. You can't easily create a .HLP file using RoboHelp HTML. RoboHelp HTML doesn't offer tabs like you can use with RoboHelp for Word.

          Now I realize that may sound a bit as if I'm saying that RoboHelp for Word is superior to RoboHelp HTML. I'm not. As with anything in life, there are trade offs and things to consider. In this case, I would say you should consider the output type.

          Most everything is moving away from WinHelp (.HLP files) and toward an HTML based format. I noted the TechShoret reply mentioned that with RoboHelp for Word, everything is stored in a single Word file, vs having multiple HTML files with RoboHelp HTML. While this is true, I would say that if your output is going to be HTML based, you should seriously consider using an editor that was designed from the ground up to support HTML. Let's face it. Anything HTML coming from Word is a kludge, as Word was designed for print. There are also some things that will constantly frustrate you if you elect to use RoboHelp for Word and are creating HTML output.

          So while it may seem an attractive option to use, I'd suggest avoiding RoboHelp for Word and going with RoboHelp HTML.

          Sincerely... Rick