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    "Error Message: File video dimensions (width/height) too large"



      I believe someone else had a similar problem and posted to this forum, but here it goes...


      I have a project in Premiere CS3 that uses MPG files. The files open just fine in CS3 at work. At home I have CS4, but those MPG files do not import. I've tried converting the files to a MOV file but I just get the same result:


      "Error Message: File video dimensions (width/height) too large"


      I'm using Premiere CS4 version 4.1.0 on a Mac. My work computer is a PC.


      I've tried running the file through MPEG Streamclip a couple times with different settings, but so far no luck. I realy have no idea what I'm doing there or what setting could work, but I've got another conversion cranking away now. We'll see how that goes.