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    "the location you have chosen is a removable drive"


      Premiere Pro CS4 Trouble shooting help please. Premiere will not let me change any of my scratch disks to the external firewire RAID


      When I try to chance the setting from the C drive to an external drive I get the message "the location you have chosen is a removable drive, Please choose another location" Yes it is a removable drive I'm trying to use it as a scratch disk and I want to use this drive for all of my content.


      This is my field capture system, a Sony VAIO laptop VGNAR825E Dual 2GHz, 4 GB RAM using Premier Pro CS4 with all the updates Vista 32 bit OS. 


      On the Quad processor workstation this set-up works.  Why can't I get the Laptop to use the same settings?


      My workflow will be to transfer media from the camera throgh OnLocation and ExperssCards using a laptop to connect to the RAID. Create a roughcut on the laptop and save project files to a thumb drive.  Then transfer project files and media to the Quad processor workstation for the final edit.


      I can see the drive that has 2 drives stripped together as 1 volume.


      Transfering files to and reading from the RAID works.


      I have the the same problem in After Effects on the laptop.