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    After Effects CS3 Motion Stabilize Irritation




      I am pretty new to After Effects, and I've been trying to learn learn learn. Though, I am having a strange and annoying problem.


      Imagine you set the table for dinner. and everything is perfect. Then when you go to put dinner on it. everything is messed up again!


      Aside from the analogy, lemme explain my problem... I have some pretty shakey footage I am working with. I am trying to stabilize it. It is only standard def, but I have a point in the video that I can easily track.


      I'll set it up by:

      Clicking the layer

      Opening the Tracker Controls box

      Clicking Stabilize Motion

      Setting up the tracker point


      Then I'll click the analyze button. It tracks it fine. I then hit apply. It worked! I made it perfect for me!


      Then the problem arises. For what reason, I am not sure. But anytime I RAM preview it again, or render it, it gets worse!


      The picture gets jumpier each time. I'm absolutley baffled. I went closer to try and figure it out. I checked frame by frame and it seems that the motion tracker gets knocked a little early or late or something. For example, in a video 3 frames in length. The first 2 targets are in the center, and then it moves right, and the tracker follows this fine. Then I watch it again, and the first frame is correct, then the 2nd frame moves where the 3rd should be, and the 3rd frame is correct. If that made any sense.


      I am hoping that someone out there has any advice for me. I'm starting to get frustrated.



      ~Bill L.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          You have a frame rate mismatch plus possibly incorrect field interpretation and because of that, your keyframes don't align properly. Check your comp settings vs. the footrage interpretation.



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            TKBM Level 1

            Thanks for the help.


            I makes sense that it is the frames.


            So I'm checking the frame rates now. Under the video file interpretation,


            Frame Rate: "Use frame rate from file: (29.970 fps)"

            Fields and Pulldown: Spereate Fields=Off

            Square pixels.


            Under the Comp(which was made from just dragging my file to the timeline)


            Frame Rate: 29.97 Frames per second


            ~Preserve frame rate when nested or in render queue is UNCHECKED

            ~Preserve resolution when nested is UNCHECKED


            Not sure if there is something I didn't list here that would need to be. I still can't get the video to work and these seem like the right settings.


            Is there something I'm not seeing? Or is this something I just don't know to check ?


            Thanks again,

            ~Bill L.



            P.S. I also tried stabilizing the footage when the video's frame rate was set to "Conform to frame rate 29.97" Same issue, everytime I RAM preview/render the footage gets jumpier and jumpier.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Well, fields off with NTSC footage? Not good. Turn on correct field usage and then also tell the tracker to use fields for analysis. Without fields, you could actualyl see those jumps due to the tracker locking on to the "comb" patterns and jumping around...