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    Logo Pricing


      Hey everyone, I was recently asked to remake a companys logo into a vector format as they lost there original. I had no problem doing the owrk and it came out great but I've never charged anyone for this type of job so I am looking for some pricing advice.


      The logo is rather simple, the hardest part was finding the right font. What are my options here.

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          [scott] Level 6

          No... the hardest part was learning to use Illustrator and the months or years of experience it took to make the job "easy" for you.


          Pricing is a very complicated subject not easily handled on a message board. There are several factors; your experience level, your region, the companies size (yours and theirs), overhead, etc.


          I'd simply suggest you search Google for pricing advice. There have been several articles related to how to price freelance work. No one here will know how you should price your work, because no one here works in the same place, for the same clients, doing the same work.

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            Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

            Charge them $10,000.


            Tell them it is the going rate.

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              Tom Usrey Level 3

              And, of course, next time set the price up front before doing the work.

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                PrepressPro1 Level 4

                Charge them $8000 and list a bunch of items discounting the bill to $600. Like the GUA discount, the PINC Discount, the AARP Discount, the NAACP Discount, the NRA Discount etc. and if the client informs you they don't belong to any or all of the listed groups, or associations, you remove that discount from the bill.

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                  Joy Renee

                  Hi Brian,


                  Everyone will have a different opion, but this is what I suggest. You get what you pay for and my advice is free

                  I worked for myself for about 8 years and talked to many agencies & freelancers about pricing. This particular small job would fall under the category of production work since you are not doing any design. So I would charge an hourly rate with a time minimum of 1 hour. I charged $100/hr regardless if it was design or production because that is what my time is worth. how many years experience do you have? what is the size of the client? large company? small company? Do you freelance full time? what type of turn-around time did you give them? Also, ALWAYS have a contract and like the other forum member said, always decide on a price ahead of time.


                  let me know the answers to those questions above and i'll try to help you nail down an hourly rate if you don't already have one.

                  hope this helps


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                    Skullmaker Level 3



                    Pricing the logo depends of how much time it takes you to reproduce it. $10.00 is the minimum you can charge some one just to type set an address. But if the logo took you one hour to reproduced, well charge per hour rate. Some logos like Budweiser you can easily charge about $150.00 or more




                    But if you do some a lot easier like AT&T logo, you probably can charge about $45.00

                    So depending of the logo you can charge them accordingly.  If you are fast in the reproduction of the logo, then see how complex is the logo and charge them with that criteria.


                    I hope this helps!

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                      Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

                      To Joy a $100.00 per hour hour is a good modern fee. It is sound I 

                      would say between $100-200 would qualify as a good modern fee.


                      depends on where you live mostly.


                      Joy you should consider a minimum of $500-1,000, $500 production and a 

                      grand for creative.


                      t a $100 per hour it is like 28 straight hours of work, that gets you 

                      the Master collection in the end that 28 hours is really a week of work.


                      That is a hefty investment you have to make. Yu have to consider that.

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                        Skullmaker Level 3

                        Hello Wade,


                        A Professional Graphic Designer makes $80.00 to 160.00 an hour. A Professional Photoshop Editor can make from $120.00 or more an hour. Joy is right. As long as your recreation of the logo is "clean", in other words, ready to go to press foreseen if the logo is Spot, Process, etc.