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    XFL + Plugins and Presets

    macampbell_09 Level 1

      If apply a preset or plugin (Red Giant or, Video Copilot, etc.) to an After Effects layer, will the animation be the same in Flash when I export as an XFL,or will I have to pre-compose the layer or something else?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Please read the help on Exporting to the XFL format and use a bit of logic. Does Flash use AE plug-ins? To my knowledge not, so effects will only be exported, if you rasterize them, meaning you let the exporter render FLV clips. Specific animation presets that use expressions and affect transform properties like position will have to be converted to keyframes using the Expressions to Keyframes keyframe assistant, if you want them to show up as native Flash keyframes, but again that requires you to strictly adhere to the rules required for successful exporting, which is: Everything must happen in the main comp. So to cut a long story short - except you are really interested in using animation properties and your stuff indeed is effects heavy, you will be much happier by simply exporting a FLV clip. XFL was never meant to give you a way of completely constructing a Flash project in AE, people just mistake it for that.