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    Illustrations greyed-out when printing PDF file from Adobe Reader



      From within PageMaker 7 I've made a 52-page PDF document in Distiller (selected job option is for Print) and uploaded it to my website.  It contains many greyscale illustrations (TIFs and JPGs first imported into PageMaker), and text.  I am able to view the PDF file over the net, and can print the illustrations and text on each page with no problem.  I am using an old HP laser printer (LaserJet 5L).  Other users are able to view the same PDF document on the net, and they can see all the illustrations and text on every page.  However, some users who have tested it are reporting that when they try to print out the pages on their own printers, most of the illustrations are greyed-out between pages 3 and 51.  The text is printing correctly on their printers.  The images on the front and back cover are printing, and so is an 11-page comic strip (made up entirely of 11 TIFs, with no additional text).  Can anyone work out why all the other illustrations throughout the document are printing greyed-out on their printers?



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          I am replying to my own question.

          After posting here, I received feedback from a viewer that the PDF file is downloading and printing out pages with no greying-out of the illustrations.  It looks to me as though the problems are arising from other viewers' slow internet connections and/or hardware RAM for printing, especially if trying to print all pages at once, rather than Saving As to hard drive, then printing.