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    Help needed in creating easy flash photo menu


      First hello to all of you And greetings from Poland


      Could somebody help me or give me a guide, maybe a tutorial how to create an easy flash photo menu in AS3 or 2. Let me explain what I want to do this is my image menu done i PSD is my image menu done i PSD:1.jpg



      This menu should be with "clickable" URL images, in the left and right where the red circles are I want to add arrows to change to new images - a whole page with new 9 images - I wanted to ad a nice "change" effect. Also I want to add a "close up" image when onmouseover - something like in this gallery when you move your mouse on the images http://www.flashmo.com/preview/flashmo_129_circle


      Is this possible and somebody could give me a hand? Tutorial would be nice because I would like to learn something new, but if you have AS which could fit my demands also would be nice  For help I could only be grateful and give you a virtual beer