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    How can you put your own music over your footage?




      My partner and I have recently been to speedway and have put together a movie of the best bits, only trouble is that we want to put an AC/DC song over our footage not the dodgey music supplied by Elements 7!


      Does anyone know if this is possible? If so, is anyone able to explain it to me? or better still if its its a little complicated I am on MSN, if its not too much trouble can someone walk me though it?


      Also while im on a roll, I would also like to able to upload our movies to YouTube so our friends can see them, YouTube doesnt support the initial format of the completed films, does anyone know how to alter the format and upload it?


      Cheers for your time



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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          Other ideas may come along, but these are my thoughts on your question.


          If you can obtain a AC/DC song without copyright issues, then import it from the saved computer hard drive location into Premiere Elements 7 using the program's Get Media/Files & Folders.


          If you want to keep the original audio and have the music playing in the background, drag the AC/DC audio file from the Media Area to the Soundtrack of the Timeline View. Then you can adjust the volumes of the original audio and AC/DC song so that they are not conflicting.


          But, if instead you want to replace the original audio with the AC/DC song, then

          a. hold down the ALT key and click on the video on the Timeline. That will unlink the audio from the video. Next, highlight just that audio, right click it, and select Clear. Now drag your AC/DC audio file from the Media Area to Audio Track 1 and place it underneath the video on Video Track 1. If you want to relink the video and audio, highlight both, right click the highlight, and select Link Video and Audio.


          With regard to upload to YouTube, I would suggest that you explore Share/Personal Computer/Windows Media and the settings under its Advance button.

          Then you would go to the YouTube web site and upload the .wmv video there. There is a direct upload (with pre-configured settings) to YouTube within Premiere Elements 7, but that may or may not work...Share/Online/YouTube which uses the preset "Flash preset YouTube".


          Check out the FAQ from this web site which deals with the subject: