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      For those who have ERROR when trying to update to 9.1.3

      First you must use the "Windows Installer Cleanup Tool"

      Remove all Adobe entries 7.0,8.0,9.0,Adobe.com,Adobe AIR, etc.,etc.

      Downloadhttp://www.ccleaner.com/ and Run the "Registry Scan" in this FREE Program..

      Then Select Fix Issues, DO NOT Backup Registry when Prompted...

      After that Run "Cache Cleaner" from this Program.....You Are Now READY TO INSTALL ADOBE READER..

      Download Adobe Reader From  http://download.cnet.com/Adobe-Reader/3000-10743_4-10000062.html ....

      Once you Download and Install is complete you will have Adobe Reader 9.0..

      (PS: You can also Download Flash Player from this site) Flash Player is needed to watch video from news feed Websites, youtube, etc...


                          THIS STEP IS IMPORTANT FOR UPDATE TO 9.1.3


      To Update open Adobe Program and in the Program window Click on the HELP Tab..

      A Drop Down Menu Appears with an Update Selection..Click Update and this will give you 9.1.3





      If you Get "Pop-Ups" saying *****Updates Available******** DO NOT USE THIS METHOD*******

      ALWAYS Start The Adobe Program and Use the HELP MENU.....FOR UPDATES..

      This HELP MENU also has "REPAIR" Selection as well...


      The CCLEANER is for Windows PC NOT for MAC OSs.....SORRY.

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          Although CCleaner is a reputed tool that I use myself since its original release, I strongly advise to use caution when using the registry cleaning portion (or any "registry cleaner").


          There is rarely any benefit from "cleaning the registry" of unused keys, but irreparable damage to the Windows installation may occur.


          If you must use a "registry cleaner", then be sure to have a registry backup beforehand, either with a System Restore Point, or by using a registry backup tool like ERUNT.