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    Hard drive setup

    321 rollem Level 1

      I've read the optimal drive setup tutorial.


      I currently have 1 300g 15k SCSI drive as my os/app drive.  The next two I am wondering what should be the most pertinant thing about each.  Obviously the storage drive should be huge but is speed also important or can go with a green WD 2tb drive?  For the scrubbing, pagefile drive, what should be most important about it?  Size or speed or both?  Will a decent SSD drive be sufficient for it?


      I don't have room in my rig for a RAID-0 setup so that is totally out of the question.  The reason: a custom h20 setup limited my rig to 1 drive only.  The second drive i've mounted a cage that is only capable of storing 1 drive also.  This is a long shot for me...


      Thanks for your time and help


      321 rollem!

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          Bill Gehrke Most Valuable Participant

          I definitly would not go with a green drive.  It is a much slowed down version.  You should only use such a drive for completely off-line archiving.


          If you have SATA ports available on the motherboard, why not investigate adding an eSATA connector or even a dual eSATA capability and rely on it for additional drives?  For the price of your single 2 TB WD green drive you can get two Seagate 1.5 TB 7200 RPM drives and then instal them in external eSATA boxes or one internally.

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            321 rollem Level 1

            I've decided on the 1Tb FALS WD drive to start off with. Already clicked the agree to purchase button.


            I've also got a good idea going for where to store my drives.  I have an extra case (PC-60) that I was getting ready to cut for an h20 project ...4 months back.  So, I've decided to just use it like an extnernal enclosure but an entire PC case.  I also put 4 orders of a SATA internal to SATA external pci brackets to go from my editing box to my storage case.  Now I just have to figure out a way to supply power to the drives and cooling fans