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    One time only keyboard input


      I'm using a motion detector to simulate a 'righMouseUp' keyboard/mouse input on a touch screen kiosk.  When the 'rightMouseUp' is triggered by the motion detector, the Director movie opens a new window (MIAW) which in turn plays a QuickTime digital video file for 3 minutes.  My problem is continued motion is detected and keeps triggering via the rightMouseUp input and interrupting the original MIAW by opening yet another MIAW.  I need some way to disable the detection of the rightMouseUp input for the duration of the playing MIAW.  Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

      Running Director 11.5 on a Mac Intel under OS 10.5.7.  Thanks again!

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          MAC800 Level 1

          Maybe not the best answer but I think this would work


          How about splitting it up



          On frame say 100 have a if 'righMouseUp' the go to maker 'Motion'

          This would have to play head go and (a)open a new window (MIAW)    (b) pause the play head for 3 minutes then sending it back to frame 100 ready to look for if 'righMouseUp'



          So to summarize


          only have the 'righMouseUp' on one frame -- sending you to a new marker if TRUE where while the MIAW it no longer looks for 'righMouseUp' - But after 3 minutes it goes back to the frame looking for 'righMouseUp'

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            Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional

            You can use the function 'windowPresent("name")' to determine whether your MIAW is open and ignore the rightMouseUp if so:

            on rightMouseUp me
              -- is the MIAW already open
              if _player.windowPresent("MIAW_name") then exit
              -- open MIAW:
              w = window().new("MIAW_name")
              w.filename = "@/MIAW"
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              Rockodyne Level 1

              Thank you Sean and MAC800.  Your suggestions were very helpful.