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    Yikes, 5 minute video taking forever to load on drop-in


      I have a 5 minute video shot in HD at 1920 x 1080.  I have compressed the video to only 27MB because I am really only using the video as a guide to the graphics so it doesn't matter if the video looks bad.  I will not be using the video part in the end, only the graphics I create around it.  Basically, I am using the video as a timeline both video palcement and audio placement.


      I imported the video and dragged it down the the "new comp" button to make sure the sizing is set properly at 1920 x 1080.  Now it seems to be taking forever for the video to "load".  It's only moving in slow-mo and I still can't hear any audio.  I know I have to use the preview controls to hear audio but still nothing.  Sometimes i can hear audio but then no video, although neither is actually working.


      Is my computer too weak to handle this file?


      I am running an HP, AMD Athlon 64 x 2 Dual core processor 6000 + 3.00GHz, 3.00GB, 32-bit OS.  Is that enough?


      What is the best way to load  large video files so you can actually work with them (audio and video) without the stops and starts?


      Thank you!

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          Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

          Rudy: Without knowing the details, it's important to point out that some extremely compressed video formats are meant for distribution/playback, not to be used in production. They could be much harder to decode tan the original video file recorded by the camera (again, not knowing what kind of camera). In fact, the overall file size or data rate for a video file is not directly related to how heavy it is for an application to lift it, sort of speak. Simply try using the original. But it would be useful if you post what format the original is, and also the compressed file.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            If decompressing it so long, then something is not right and you probably created a duck. Even H.264 should eventually decode with reasonable speed on not the most powerful computers... If you really just use it as template, also consider an image sequence - PNG or LZW compressed TIFFs are reasonably small and since AE can load them on frame at a time, should offer a more satisfying interactive experience.