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    Flash player crashes on multiple websites. doesnt load up the webplayer


      I was viewing www.liveleak.com watching many videos perfectly fine. I left to take a break for awhile and now any time i attempt to watch a video it will crash. The whole page will load up except the flash player. As soon as it attempts to load up the flash player whichever browser i am using will crash. No video on www.liveleak.com will load for me. Its the same with some other websites (youtube works fine for some reason) Ive tried everything to fix it. Ive tried


      - Re-installing flash

      - Trying multiple internet browsers

      - Going into the flash settings_manager and adjusting multiple settings


      The only way ive fixed this problem (i had it in the past) was to format my harddrive + re-install windows. I dont wana do this again!!!


      Any ideas what is going wrong?