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    First Project - Still Images Fuzzy

    Gregory Lafrance Level 6

      I read the FAQ and tricks & tips but no help.


      I'm trying to create a DVD of our vacation, with still photos and videos.


      As a test I took some images and tried to add them to my project, but when I run the test project as soon as the test starts the images seem to change, in that they become pixelated or fuzzy. I've tried creating an Illustrator file that is the same size as the Primiere Elements aspect ratio, adding an image, and then saving the images in Illustrator (Save for Web) so the image size is the same as the Premiere Elements aspect ration, but no help.


      When I uncheck the Premiere Elements preference for auto-resizing (can't remember the exact option name), no help.


      When I export as AVI as a test, when the avi plays the image seems to be constantly shifting, and of course the pixellation or fuzzyness looks bad anyway.


      I thought Premiere Elements would make it easy to create such a simple vacation DVD, but this is turning out to be a disappointment from day-one.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          What size did you choose for these still images? This ARTICLE will help you use PS/PSE for resizing, if needed.


          Also, for quality from AI files, you will do much better to do the rasterization of the vector images in PS/PSE, than letting PrElements do this. It can "handle" AI's, just not well. Same for PrPro. I always do that work in PS, before Import into any flavor of Premiere.


          Good luck,



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            Paul_LS Level 4

            To see the preview in the monitor without fussiness render your timeline by hitting the Enter key on your keyboard. If you are getting unclear pictures on your exported video then make sure your photos are resized to 1000x750 before importing into Premiere Elements. PE does not do a good job of rescaling photos.

            Also, remember, the resolution of the exported video is 720x480... if you view this fullscreen on a computer monitor it will look blury. It should be fine when viewed on a TV.