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    Install badge fails with '@' or '.' in appinstallarg

    SilentChris Level 1

      I'm trying to run the AIR install badge with my application and I would like to pass down an varible (in my case, an email address) to be read when the app is first run.  However, whenever I have the '@' or the '.' character as part of the appinstallarg parameter, the badge fails to even start downloading the file.  If I change the appinstallarg to be a single word (like 'blah') it works fine.  It's also fine if I put spaces in the argument, just not certain other characters.


      I have also tried url encoding the argument (using %40 for '@' and %2E for '.') but it hasn't helped.


      I'm considering just transcoding the bad characters into various numbers of spaces or something, but it would be nice if there were a way around this.