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    The HTMLLoader class doesn't exist when using Flex SDK3.3


      OK, feeling really stupid here. I have a Flex/AIR app which is compiling and running fine using the Flex 3.0 SDK.  I wanted to use the encryption features added to later versions of AIR and also decided to update the Flex SDK while I was at it. I downloaded and unzipped the latest versions of both: Flex3.3 and AIR1.5.2  No problem there, AIR was installed on top of Flex, etc.


      The problem is that the HTMLLoader class is not available if I specify Flex3.3 as the SDK in the Flex Compiler options.  If I switch back to 3.0, it's immediately available again. I know the HTMLLoader class is only available if AIR is being used so it's obviously some kind of problem with my installation of the AIR SDK. I'm just tired of pulling out my hair trying to figure out what.


      BTW - I have already changed the application descriptor to 1.5.2, so that's not it.


      Please help if you have any ideas.



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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          Create a new AIR project and see what the libraries are.  You might be missing a library after you dropped in 3.3.  Try other AIR only classes (NativeWindow, etc)


          Alex Harui

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            JCarver Level 1

            I created a new AIR project and everything (except HTTMLoader and HTMLPDFCapability) appeared to be there. Specifically:

            ServiceMonitor, SocketMonitor, URLMonitor,

            SQLStatement, etc,

            NativeWindow, NativeMenu, etc,

            File, FileMode, FileListEvent, FileSystemComboBox, etc,



            Note that using the default SDK (Flex 3) the following HTML classes are available:










            If I do nothing more than go to properties and select the Flex 3.3 SDK instead, the HTMLLoader and HTMLPDFCapability classes are no longer available. I don't get it...  Why just those two?


            Thanks for helping.